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Naomi Snyder

Writing and editing


About Me

I’m a longtime business journalist, writer and editor. I live in Nashville, a town filled with talent, ambition and increasingly bad traffic.


I’m curious about a lot of things and expert in a few. I’m passionate about travel, the outdoors, journalism and finding just that perfect sentence.

Editing and Proofreading
Ghost Writing and Editing
Writing and Reporting


Kayaking in Florida


I started my career covering everything from shootings to school board meetings for a small town newspaper. I was a reporter for The Tennessean and a correspondent for USA Today. Most recently, I was editor in charge of a digital trade magazine for Bank Director that won a Folio award for design. I have commissioned freelancers, worked with graphic designers, edited a website, rewritten marketing copy, dabbled in SEO, edited videos and managed production for a print magazine. 

I dissect financial statements for stories, track down hard to find executives and write in a way that makes complicated topics easy to understand.

I’ve crossed the globe pursuing a love of travel, good food and outdoor adventures of all sorts. I can steer a canoe, pitch a tent, and cook a fine clam linguine on a propane stove. Check out my blog if you want to learn about places to go without the tourist swarm.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois.

Camping in Tennessee



Content for graphics


Digital feature on pot
Newspaper investigation
Magazine length feature

People say about Naomi ...

She was a go-to news reporter on big stories because we knew she would be accurate and produce in-depth work. Great discipline in her work habits. Reliable, team player and just a very pleasant person to work with.

Deborah Fisher, former senior editor, The Tennessean

She asks all the right questions without coming across as threatening or intrusively inquisitive. Her articles are interesting to read even if you are not an industry expert.

Cathy Isaacs, former vice president, Bank Director


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